We have a graduate of the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School on site.  For now our gunsmith can do anything that does not alter the function of a firearm such as install new parts/accessories, change or fit sights, drill and tap for new sights, and any kind of cosmetic work (even on wood).  If you would like more information feel free to contact our gunsmith Steve at The Cabin Armory and Training Center.  In time we hope to purchase a mill and lathe which will open us up to everything from full custom rifle builds to making small parts for firearms that cannot be found.

Gunsmith Services


Modern Semi-Automatic Pistol $25.00
AR Style Rifle $70.00
Revolvers $50.00
Rifles $100.00


Bore sighting $15.00
Range sighting $60.00 + Ammo and Target
Drill and Tap Receiver/Barrel $30.00 per hole
Cutting Dovetail **See Gunsmith
Install Pistol Sight $20.00
Install Shotgun Bead $30.00
Shotgun Bead with Drilling and Tapping $50.00


Checking headspace $40.00
Making chamber cast $30.00
Removal of live round $100.00
Trigger install $30.00
*Items purchased at The Cabin Armory and Training Center include a free install. Except for items requiring fitting, such as some AK items and free float AR fore ends.*

$60.00 per man hour
Any wood stock work see Gunsmith.

** Coming soon**

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