League Update 7

October 19, 2017

Hey Shooters!  Saturday, 21 October 17, is the final day to shoot for week 4 of the fall leagues, so don’t miss it!  With the beginning of week 5, those who have shot 4 weeks now have an average set, and therefore the system is taking care of determining handicap, so no need to guess anymore!  The handicaps for week 5 are posted on the range office bulletin board, so be sure to check it out.

Also, week 3 standings are in and finalized, so take a look!

Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 891 Squibz 3403 Israel Dellen 876 Marie Popielarz 796
Victor Longano 848 Called Shots 3161 Gary Woods 866 Jude Andrue 688
Israel Dellen 848 Them Guys 2964 Leo Karasinski 845
William Marsh 843 The Blind Siders 2953 Chris Gale 837
Jason Klimchok 840 4 Musketeers 2834
Devin Diao 840
Paul Stark 816
Gary Woods 808
Rich Schutter 798
Keith Noll 712
Brittany Janosov 509
Week 3 Week 3 Week 3 Week 3


Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

League Update 6

October 9, 2017

Hey Shooters!  Week 2 has been finalized, so we’ve got the updated standings for the fall leagues.  This coming Saturday, 14 October 17, is the final day to shoot for week 3, so don’t miss it!


Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Solo .22 Rifle Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 593 Squibz 2253 Israel Dellen 588 Paul Stark 559 Marie Popielarz 537
William Marsh 563 Called Shots 2165 Gary Woods 578 Diane Murphy 469 Jude Andrue 498
Israel Dellen 561 The Blind Siders 1972 Chris Gale 546 Steve Nowacyzk 251
Jason Klimchok 556 Them Guys 1824 Leo Karasinski 537
Devin Diao 554 4 Musketeers 1723
Paul Stark 551
Victor Longano 551
Gary Woods 545
Rich Schutter 524
Brittany Janosov 509
Keith Noll 479
Week 2 Week 2 Week 2 Week 2 Week 2

League Update 5

October 2, 2017

Our fall leagues are now locked in! This past Saturday was the final day to shoot for week 1, as well as for entry into the fall leagues. We’ve got week 1 scores ready to go. Week 2 shooting ends at close of business on Saturday, October 7th, 2017. Here are the standings after week 1.

Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Solo .22 Rifle Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 294 Them Guys 1126 Chris Gale 294 Paul Stark 281 Marie Popielarz 280
Victor Longano 286 Called Shots 1115 Israel Dellen 289 Diane Murphy 233 Jude Andrue 236
Paul Stark 282 Squibz 1105 Gary Woods 282 Steve Nowacyzk 221
William Marsh 277 4 Musketeers 1099 Leo Karasinski 247
Jason Klimchok 274 The Blind Siders 999
Devin Diao 270
Israel Dellen 268
Brittany Janosov 262
Rich Schutter 261
Gary Woods 255
Keith Noll 239
Week 1 Week 1 Week 1 Week 1 Week 1


New shooters, don’t forget, the first 4 weeks, you choose your own handicap until averages are set, so you can use your current scores to judge what to use as a handicap, unless you just want to wait until the automatic handicap comes into play.

Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

September Wrap Up

September 27, 2017

Hey Shooters!  September is coming to a close, but before it does, we’ve still got a few things left for the month.  Thursday September 28th, from 5-9, a representative from Colt will be on site with guns to try out.  Check our events page for more details.

Our Saloon Shootout contest has its final day on Saturday, and there’s only a few entries more needed before we hit our first prize evolution, so come on down and join in!

Our fall leagues have started up, and Saturday is also the last day to join in for those.  We’ve got 6 leagues this time around, so take a look at our facebook page for more info.

We’ve also got accounts set up on twitter and Instagram so check them out.

And, we’ve also started a youtube channel and have a couple videos up you can watch.

The Cabin is also hosting a free-admission hunters safety education course on September 30th, 2017, from 8-3, so check out our facebook for details and a link to sign-up.

League Update 4

September 12, 2017

Hey Shooters! Summer leagues have come to an end! Don’t fret, because fall leagues start up on the 17th of September and run through December 9th, 2017. We’ve got 5 adult leagues and one youth league running. Parental supervision is required during the youth league. Stop on down and see what we’ve got going on!

As for the summer leagues, here are the final standings!

Israel Dellen 2031 Tammie Sutton 1770 John M is a Bad Shot 8848
James Breslin 2027 Kim Stout 1667 Trash Talkers 8533
Dakota Cole 1977 Bernadette Zang 1587
William Marsh 1948
Frank Lasiewicki 1934
Victor Longano 1737
Jason Klimchok 1700
Bert Bird 1626
Paul Stark 1530
Josh Mattei 1384
John Mattei Sr. 1196
John Moran 836
Devin Diao 797
James Rosencrans 479
Week 7 Week 7 Week 7

League Update 3

September 4, 2017

This is the final week of the summer leagues!  Fall leagues begin on September 17th 2017, and run through December 9th, 2017.  Flyers are available down by the front desk, and we’ve got two new leagues starting up as well!  Scoring tweaks are just about finished, so those will be available this week as well.  Stop on down!

And now for some finalized standings!  These leagues will likely come down to the final shot, and that’s the kind of excitement we were hoping for!

Israel Dellen 1446 Tammie Sutton 1500 Trash Talkers 6420
Victor Longano 1441 Kim Stout 1367 John M is a Bad Shot 6265
James Breslin 1439 Bernadette Zang 1300
Dakota Cole 1392
Frank Lasiewicki 1384
William Marsh 1364
Paul Stark 1241
Jason Klimchok 1138
Bert Bird 1062
Josh Mattei 1001
John Mattei Sr. 854
John Moran 836
Devin Diao 797
James Rosencrans 479
Week 5 Week 6 Week 5


August Wrap Up

August 28, 2017

There’s only a few days left in National Shooting Sports Month, and we’ve got our final related event on Thursday the 31st–the Right Gun for You free seminar from 7-8, so stop on down and see what fits your needs best.

Summer leagues are winding down, and not too far off are the beginning of fall leagues.  All three summer leagues will be returning with some tweaks to the rules and the scoring system.  There are also 2 new leagues starting up: a .22 pistol league, and a scoped .22 rifle league.  We’ve got flyers available for all of the leagues on the table across from the front desk.

Paul Stark won the Ruger 10-22 with the custom stock during the 18 Holes of Lead-Rifle version re-shoot.  September is gearing up to have a standard, as well as a new long-term contest, as long as we can get all the details to line up.  More details on those coming soon.

We’ve got a new poll up on our facebook page regarding our Test Drive events, in the hopes of finding better ways to tailor them in the future, so head on over and share your thoughts.

Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

League Update 2

August 24, 2017

Hey Shooters! With the start of week five, and therefore the start of automatic handicaps, the league scoring is already showing signs of a lot more movement on the standings. This is in part due to an increased number of breakouts. A number of people have already scored above the max of 300 for this week, and a number of others missed doing so by less than a handful of points.

One of the rules that’s going to change for the fall leagues is in regards to going over 300–current rules state that it gives 0 points for that week, but going forward, breaking 300 will only nullify the handicap for that week, so as not to punish a shooter having a particularly good week and be fairer to shooters who shoot consistently well.

The new rule had been put in place for the fall league a few weeks ago, but prior to week 5, the only person to shoot above 300 was a Cabin employee, so we felt it would be unfair to backdate the rule when the only person benefiting would be an employee.

The new rule will also prevent people from worrying about shooting well, and possibly affecting their scores in a negative way. Week 5 handicaps are still posted on the range office bulletin board where available, so check that out to see what you’re working with.

We’re also still missing a few shooters from the solo league for week 4, and the window is only open through the end of this Saturday, so don’t forget to stop down and take your shots!

Available on the table near the front desk are flyers for the fall season of the leagues.  We’ve got 2 new league additions: .22 pistol, and scoped .22 rifle.  The scoring rules are still being tweaked, so they won’t be available quite yet, but they will be done before the fall leagues start.  Speaking of, fall leagues begin on September 17, 2017, and last through December 9th, 2017.

Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

League Update 1

August 11, 2017

Hey Shooters! Tomorrow is the last day to shoot for week 2, and there’s still some solo league members who haven’t shot it yet.

There’s still until Saturday the 19th to shoot for week 3, so the team and solo leagues standings for those likely won’t be available until next week at the earliest.

I’ve also been looking into an app that can allow league members to view scores from their mobile devices! I can’t guarantee that it’ll definitely see use, but I’ve been in contact with their support team to see if there’s a way for it to account for custom scoring systems. I hope to hear back soon.

We’ve also already started looking into league expansion for the fall season as well, and we’ll be testing the current top options for viability and challenge level.
Speaking of challenge level, some people in the current leagues have suggested what amounts to ‘advanced’ leagues. These would follow the same format of the regular leagues, but with the difficulty increased, i.e. shorter shot timers, increased distance, etc. This will most likely not be available until the winter leagues at the earliest in order to allow more time to gain more data, and a larger league roster to pull opinions from. We’ll be gauging interest over the next couple months to see if this has enough of a backing to support, but feel free to share your thoughts with us beforehand.

Week 1 Finalized                               Week 3 Finalized                     Week 2 Finalized
Israel Dellen             300                   Kim Stout              806            Trash Talkers               2051
James Breslin           294                   Bernadette Zang  734            The Cabinteers           1878
Victor Longano        291                   Tammie Sutton     708            John M is a Bad Shot  1708
Devin Diao               272                   Diane McHugh      261
John Moran              271
William Marsh          268
Jason Klimchok        267
James Rosencrans  262
Dakota Cole             256
Bert Bird                  248
Frank Lasiewicki      243
John Mattei Sr.        192
Paul Stark                 177
Josh Mattei              168

Some August Updates

August 10, 2017

This August, The Cabin is taking part in the National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF first annual National Shooting Sports Month! We’ve got a number of free seminars throughout the month, as well as the return of our Test Drive events.

August 10th, 7-8pm–Free firearm safety seminar
August 11th, 4-9pm–45cal Test Drive Night
August 13th, 12-2pm–Kids Safety Summer Course
August 17th, 7-8pm–Free Active Shooter seminar
August 18th, 4-9pm–40cal Test Drive Night
August 24th, 7-8pm–Free firearm care and maintenance seminar
August 25th-27–AR Test Package returns
August 31st, 7-8pm–Free ‘Choosing the Right Gun for You’ seminar

NRA Basic Pistol courses are also available weekly.

We’re also running a contest from August 1st-15th, with the proceeds being donated to the K9 for Warriors foundation.
Veteran or first-time shooter, all are welcome. Stop on down for #shootingsportsmonth and #LetsGoShooting!

Poll About Contests/Competitions
Hello again, shooters. This time around, we’re taking a look at the structuring of our contests/competitions. What are you interested in shooting? What kind of prize will ‘rifle’ your feathers? Do you live for the chase and the prize is simply a nice token of triumphing over your competitors? Let us know!

We’ve added an events calendar to our website! Head over and check it out, or you can also view our facebook post with the current schedule of events.

Come in and join us this Friday, August 11th, from 4-9 for our 45cal pistol tryout!
The $30 entry fee gets you a 50 round box of 45cal ammo, 2 targets and use of our 2nd floor range. There will be at least one firearm per lane and you are welcome to shoot any of them until your ammo runs out.
Thinking of buying a gun and want to try it first? Walther, Glock, Sig Sauer, S&W, H&K, FN, Kahr, and Beretta are some of the brands available to shoot at our event.
Additional ammunition can be purchased 1 time at regular price for a 50 count box.
Refreshments included and no appointment necessary. Just come on in and do some shooting!

Sharpshooters Cafe is now open! Stop in and have some lunch, or grab some dinner if you’re in later. Refuel after sending some lead down range, charge up beforehand, or just stop in for a meal.

Devin Diao took the win in the 18 Holes of Lead-Rifle version contest with a score of 33!
But that’s not the end of the story, shooters…
Devin has decided to donate the prize rifle back to The Cabin and has asked us to run the contest again. The winner of the contest will get the rifle, and Devin will donate the proceeds of the contest to K9s For Warriors.
The contest will run from August 1st-15th, 2017, with an entry fee of $20. Same rules apply as last time.
Thanks go to Devin for his generous donation, and you can visit his charity of choice at K9s For Warriors

From what we’ve gathered, floating leagues seem to work better for everyone involved, so we’re switching ALL leagues to floating. You can come in any time during business hours to shoot. Following this, current plans for the upcoming fall leagues will also follow the floating method. There is also a plan to expand the leagues to include more types of firearms this fall, and the data gathered already has helped find some weak points in the rules, so they will be getting some minor modifications as well.

We’re also looking into adding some long term, low cost competitions, as well as some new ideas at more active, fun, head-to-head competitions. You can also visit the poll mentioned earlier to put some ideas in there.

Also, keep your eyes open for more details regarding a full-auto event coming soon to The Cabin!

Stay Safe, and Have Fun!