League Update 14

March 15, 2018

Hey Shooters!  The Winter 2017 Leagues have completed!  See below for the standings.  Spring 2018 Leagues begin on March 18th.  We’ve got 8 leagues available this time around–the same 7 from last season, as well as a new scratch league.  The scratch league is no handicap, raw score only.  As always, all the leagues are offered, but only those with enough active interest will progress through the season.  While they don’t go active until Sunday, you can stop by the front desk to register now.  If you want to join the team league, but don’t have enough people, you can post on the info page on facebook requesting more.  Like last season, you have until the end of week 4 to join the leagues for the season.  This season, we’re also clearing all old handicaps and having everyone start fresh.

So come on in and get signed up!  Spring leagues start soon!

Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Youth .22 Rifle
Graham Karasinski 3509 The Frew Crew 13799 Graham Karasinski 3511 Marie Popielarz 3432
William Marsh 3487 Squibs 13632 Eric Bartos 3505 Ameera Abuelhawa 3402
Victor Logano 3468 Called Shots 13030 Leo Karasinski 3493 Jude Andrae 2225
John DeBalso 3431 The Blind Siders 12650 Bernard Toporcer 3484
John Berti 3431 Uh Oh… 12563 Colleen McNee 3398
John Richards 3416 Choo Choo’s 12473 Dorian Trombley 3376
Geoff Fontenova 3394 2 Hot Shots & Him 12443 Al Adomitis 2271
Keith Noll 3330
Leo Karasinski 3285
Dave Overman 2406
Paul Casterlin 2189
Final Final  





League Update 13

January 30, 2018

Hey Shooters!  The winter leagues are well underway by now, but with our new rules removing the week before/after shooting rules, as well as the high number of new participants this season, it’s taken a bit of time to get some finalized scores together.  Even now, in week 7, half our active leagues are only finalized up until week 3, one is finalized after week 1, and the final one is still waiting  to get even the first week finalized!  The current standings (as they are at the moment) as well as the handicaps and 300 Club list, are posted on the cork board across from the front desk.  But keep reading, because we’ve got the standings here, as well!

Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Youth .22 Rifle
Victor Logano 1169 Called Shots 3249 Leo Karasinski 295 Ameera Abuelhawa 1160
William Marsh 1161 Uh Oh… 3189 Bernard Toporcer 290 Marie Popielarz 1113
Graham Karasinski 1161 2 Hot Shots & Him 3162 Graham Karasinski 284 Jude Andrae 894
John Berti 1161 The Blind Siders 3151 Eric Bartos 283
Paul Casterlin 1161 Choo Choo’s 3139 Al Adomitis 277
John DeBalso 1145 Squibs 2901 Dorian Trombley 275
Geoff Fontenova 1130 The Frew Crew 2586 Colleen McNee 222
John Richards 1127
Dave Overman 1096
Keith Noll 1092
Leo Karasinski 1088
Paul Stark 873
Week 4* Week 3* Week 1* Week 4*

*Not Finalized
We’ll try to keep this updated as much as possible depending on how many people shoot for any given week, but many may not be finalized when we post the updates.  Keep an eye out for that * to see where things stand!


Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

League Update 12

December 12, 2017

Hey Shooters!  We’ve got the final standings for the fall season of the leagues.  The closest league was the .22 pistol league, finishing up with a difference of 5 points between first and second place.  Winter leagues start up on December 17th 2017, and have some changes from previous seasons.  All adult leagues are now $10/week, and you have the ability to pay in advance for the whole season; if you do, you get one week free.  Additionally, we’ve done away with the +- one week for shooting; as long as you pay/shoot once by the end of week 4, you can shoot your 12 weeks of leagues any time during the season, as long as you finish all 12 weeks by the final day of the season.  The handicap will now also be continuous throughout the season instead of only taking the top 4 scores of the season.  Your handicap can go up or down now, as opposed to just down.  Team leagues will also now have a vacancy slot for teams that do not have a full team of 4 people.  The vacancy slot will have a shooting score of 200, and the handicap will be an average of the final handicap for the other three team members.

Without further ado, here’s the final standings for the fall leagues!

Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 3507 Squibz 13800 Chris Gale 3505 Marie Popielarz 3291
William Marsh 3460 The Blind Siders 12987 Gary Woods 3500 Jude Andrae 2947
Devin Diao 3405 Called Shots 12342 Leo Karasinski 2922
Gary Woods 3395 Them Guys 9769
Victor Longano 3378
Rich Schutter 3355
Jason Klimchok 3344
Paul Stark 3289
Keith Noll 3209
Week 12 Week 12 Week 12 Week 12


See you all for the next season!

Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

League Update 11

November 27, 2017

With the holiday season, keeping up on the scoring has been a bit difficult, so we’ve been updating when we can.  However, sometimes we don’t get them all in the same week, so some weeks, while scored, end up having multiple weeks finished at once.  In these cases, we’ve decided to just post the most recent scores we have on Facebook.  Being a list of all the scores, it’s more difficult to do that with these posts, since they all line up with the same week.  As such, they will likely be a bit behind.  Here’s the finalized standings for week 8!


Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 2361 Squibz 9189 Gary Woods 2333 Marie Popielarz 2214
William Marsh 2290 The Blind Siders 8412 Chris Gale 2317 Jude Andrae 2070
Victor Longano 2288 Them Guys 8403 Leo Karasinski 1777
Jason Klimchok 2280 Called Shots 8330
Devin Diao 2265
Gary Woods 2240
Rich Schutter 2200
Paul Stark 2181
Keith Noll 2093
Week 8 Week 8 Week 8 Week 8


We’re in week 11 of the leagues now, and week 12 is the final week.  The winter season starts December 17th, and there’s going to be some changes to the setup.  Keep your eyes open to see the updates.


Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

League Update 10

November 8, 2017

Hey Shooters!  We’re 2/3 of the way through the fall league, and the winter league is right around the corner.  Keep an eye on our facebook page for a new poll regarding the future of leagues.  It’s got a number of questions open for discussion, and we’re hoping to make some headway before the new season starts, and we need your input!  Check it out, and join the conversation!

Here we have the standings for week 6.

Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 1771 Squibz 6854 Gary Woods 1749 Marie Popielarz 1636
Victor Longano 1715 Called Shots 6258 Chris Gale 1723 Jude Andrue 1503
William Marsh 1708 Them Guys 6195 Leo Karasinski 1448
Jason Klimchok 1705 The Blind Siders 6146 Israel Dellen 1175
Devin Diao 1690 4 Musketeers 4865
Gary Woods 1654
Paul Stark 1646
Rich Schutter 1626
Keith Noll 1501
Israel Dellen 1176
Brittany Janosov 509
Week 6 Week 6 Week 6 Week 6


Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

League Update 9

November 1, 2017

Hey Shooters!  Week 5 has been finalized, and the last day to shoot for week 6 in the fall league is Saturday, November 4th, 2017.  Also, keep an eye out on our facebook page for an upcoming poll regarding the future of league shooting (yes, another one).


Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 1478 Squibz 5694 Gary Woods 1453 Marie Popielarz 1359
William Marsh 1428 Called Shots 5207 Chris Gale 1429 Jude Andrue 1230
Victor Longano 1425 The Blind Siders 5050 Leo Karasinski 1415
Jason Klimchok 1411 Them Guys 5028 Israel Dellen 1175
Devin Diao 1407 4 Musketeers 4266
Paul Stark 1363
Gary Woods 1363
Rich Schutter 1339
Keith Noll 1236
Israel Dellen 1145
Brittany Janosov 509
Week 5 Week 5 Week 5 Week 5


Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

New Video Featuring The Cabin!

October 31, 2017

A new video from Fox 56’s The Great Outdoors about our Women’s Night events at The Cabin!

League Update 8

October 25, 2017

Hey Shooters!  We’ve got week 4 finalized scores.  There’s some real close numbers, and week 5 could see some shifting positions!


Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 1187 Squibz 4538 Israel Dellen 1170 Marie Popielarz 1073
Victor Longano 1146 Called Shots 4122 Gary Woods 1161 Jude Andrue 958
William Marsh 1130 Them Guys 4118 Chris Gale 1134
Devin Diao 1121 The Blind Siders 3955 Leo Karasinski 1130
Jason Klimchok 1118 4 Musketeers 3711
Israel Dellen 1114
Paul Stark 1103
Gary Woods 1091
Rich Schutter 1060
Keith Noll 961
Brittany Janosov 509
Week 4 Week 4 Week 4 Week 4

League Update 7

October 19, 2017

Hey Shooters!  Saturday, 21 October 17, is the final day to shoot for week 4 of the fall leagues, so don’t miss it!  With the beginning of week 5, those who have shot 4 weeks now have an average set, and therefore the system is taking care of determining handicap, so no need to guess anymore!  The handicaps for week 5 are posted on the range office bulletin board, so be sure to check it out.

Also, week 3 standings are in and finalized, so take a look!

Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 891 Squibz 3403 Israel Dellen 876 Marie Popielarz 796
Victor Longano 848 Called Shots 3161 Gary Woods 866 Jude Andrue 688
Israel Dellen 848 Them Guys 2964 Leo Karasinski 845
William Marsh 843 The Blind Siders 2953 Chris Gale 837
Jason Klimchok 840 4 Musketeers 2834
Devin Diao 840
Paul Stark 816
Gary Woods 808
Rich Schutter 798
Keith Noll 712
Brittany Janosov 509
Week 3 Week 3 Week 3 Week 3


Stay Safe, and Have Fun!

League Update 6

October 9, 2017

Hey Shooters!  Week 2 has been finalized, so we’ve got the updated standings for the fall leagues.  This coming Saturday, 14 October 17, is the final day to shoot for week 3, so don’t miss it!


Solo Handgun Mixed Team Solo .22 Pistol Solo .22 Rifle Youth .22 Rifle
James Breslin 593 Squibz 2253 Israel Dellen 588 Paul Stark 559 Marie Popielarz 537
William Marsh 563 Called Shots 2165 Gary Woods 578 Diane Murphy 469 Jude Andrue 498
Israel Dellen 561 The Blind Siders 1972 Chris Gale 546 Steve Nowacyzk 251
Jason Klimchok 556 Them Guys 1824 Leo Karasinski 537
Devin Diao 554 4 Musketeers 1723
Paul Stark 551
Victor Longano 551
Gary Woods 545
Rich Schutter 524
Brittany Janosov 509
Keith Noll 479
Week 2 Week 2 Week 2 Week 2 Week 2