11/26/202116 Hours
$225 plus $75 for BIT

Class length:  16 hours (Day 1: 6 hour BIT day 1, 2 hour classroom), (Day 2: 8 hour classroom)

Who is this class for?

This class is for those interested in becoming an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor.  During this two-day class, students will spend the first day in the classroom covering the BIT or concepts and methods of teaching, shoot the instructor qualification on the range, and start the content of the Basic Pistol class.

Day two will continue to cover teaching the content of the class materials and administrative functions of an instructor.


Prerequisites: NRA Basic Pistol Class
Instructor Prequalification:

  1. Using dummy ammunition, instructor candidate must load and unload a single action revolver, double action revolver, and a semi-automatic pistol.
  2. Using dummy ammunition, instructor candidate must demonstrate how to clear a common pistol stoppage using a semi-automatic pistol.
  3. Candidate will shoot any gun of their choice, regardless of action, sights or caliber, at a blank 9 inch diameter paper target at a distance of 15 yards. Candidates will fire 20 shots from a two-handed, unsupported, standing position.


Number of Participants:  Minimum: 2     Maximum: 6

Cost:  $225 plus $75 for BIT


Equipment: All classroom materials are provided. Please bring 1” or 2” binder for instructor manual.


Student must bring handgun of their choice and at least 20 rounds of ammunition for range qualification on day 1.

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