NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course
$150.00 person

11/26/20218+ Hours
Gun Rentals AvailableAge: 18 & older
$150.00 person

Class length:  8 hours (7 hour classroom / 1 hour range)

Who is this class for?

This class is for beginner students.

During this 8-hour class, students will spend 7 hours in the classroom learning about safe gun handling, rifle types, shooting positions, ammunition, shooting fundamentals cleaning and storage.

They will then have 1 hour of instruction on the range to practice the shooting fundamentals with different types of rifles.


Prerequisites: None

Number of Participants:  Minimum: 2     Maximum: 6

Cost:  $150

Equipment: Firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection provided.

*Students may use their own firearm with instructor approval.

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