Handgun Skills & Drills
$35.00 person

11/26/20212 hrs
Students must provide firearm, holster and ammo.Age: 21 & older
$35.00 person

Class length: 2 hours on range

Who is this class for?

This class is for experienced shooters who can safely operate their own handgun and want to improve their speed and accuracy.

Prerequisites: One of the following:


Basic Defensive Handgun

Pass a pre-class qualification in which students must demonstrate the following:

  • safe drawing from the holster
  • reloads (slide-lock)
  • malfunction clearing
  • center mass shot placement on multiple targets.

Number of Participants:  Minimum:  4    Maximum:  10

Cost:  $35

Rounds: 200

Equipment: Personal firearm (Must be approved by instructor)

Outside the waistband/strong-side holster

At least 3 magazines (semi) or two speed loaders (revolvers)

Double mag holder

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