Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a private range? Can I shoot here without a membership?

We are a public range, and as such, membership in not required to shoot here.  We do have a set of Cabin Club memberships with various perks for those interested.

Are there lanes available during events?

We have two ranges and a total of 19 lanes so there are lanes available for public use during events.

Who can shoot at the range? I have never shot a gun; can I use the range? Do I need a gun license to shoot?

Anyone from any state or country can shoot as long as you are not a convicted felon, do not have any other charges against you the would prohibit you from handling a firearm, and are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.  If you are 21 or older you can rent and shoot pistols, 18 or older can rent and shoot rifles.  Ages 10 and up can shoot anything with a parent or guardian (someone 25 or older) present.  If you are a new shooter let us know.  We have a $10 new shooter class and we will make sure you know how to operate a firearm safely.

What do I need to bring to shoot at the range?

ID – Driver’s license, State ID, Passport.
You can bring your own firearms, ammo, targets, etc. or if you don’t have anything you can rent from us.
Please bring your firearms to the range in a case, bag, holster, or box.  If you bring an uncased long gun into the range please have it empty with the chamber open and show it to the person at the front desk.
If you rent a firearm you must use our ammo.
Please do NOT wear loose fitting clothing or open toed shoes.

If I am not shooting, can I go into the range?

To be a spectator in the range you still must do paperwork and waiver, but there will be no charge for range.

How do leagues work?

Each league season is 8 weeks.  Each week consists of 3 targets with varying time constraints, and each target gets 10 shots.  Score is tabulated based on the amount of points you have for each target and that will give your weekly score. At the end of the season, the shooter with the highest overall score is the winner.  We currently have 9 available leagues, and adult leagues are $5/week plus range time.

Can I transfer a gun through your store?

As of December, 2021, internet transfers are $40, person-to-person transfers are $30.  For internet transfers have the dealer that is sending the firearm send an email to requesting a copy of our FFL.  Make sure your information is in the email so we can match the firearm to the customer.  We will contact you when the firearm arrives and is ready for pickup.

Can I keep my brass?

If you would like to keep your brass inform the Range Safety Officer before you start shooting.  You are only allowed to collect you own brass.  You may not collect the brass that has gone beyond the firing line.

Can I shoot reloads?

Reloads are not allowed to be used at our range without prior approval.  If you wish to use your reloads, they must be inspected and approved by our gunsmith.  If the RSO on duty notices any issues or safety concerns while you’re using them, they can instruct you to stop using them.

Can I draw from a holster?

Drawing from a holster is generally not allowed at The Cabin.  However, we do have an evaluation process, as well as holster draw classes available to clear shooters for holster draw.  Regardless, drawing from the holster, even if on the approved list, is at the discretion of the Range Safety Officers and often dictated by the status and capacity of the range.  If you wish to draw from the holster AND are on the approved list, you must check with the RSO(s) on duty.

Can I rapid fire?

You can shoot rapidly as long as you can control the firearm.

Do you have machine guns? Can I shoot my fully auto firearm? Can I shoot my firearm with a suppressor?

We do not have full auto firearms for rent.  We do allow fully auto for special events, make sure you bring in your paperwork.  You can shoot your firearm with your suppressor if you bring in your paperwork for our records.

Can my friends and I use each other’s firearms?

If you are at the range with friends and have separate lanes, you must keep the firearms in the lane they started in and physically switch to the other lane with the firearm you wish to use.  You are not allowed to hand firearms back and forth or transfer them between lanes.