The Cabin’s Indoor Shooting Range

We have 19 lanes pistol/rifle/shotgun rated with full downrange firing capabilities on both floors.  The 9 lanes on the 1st floor are completely handicap accessible.  The booths and targeting system are from Action Target and our range was featured in their 2018 Top Ranges Catalog.  The booths are made of AR500 steel between shooters and overhead, making your booth the safest place in the building.  The controller can stop at any ½ yard increment all the way up to 25 yards and can be programmed for common stops when practicing at set distances. 

The Cabin uses a state-of-the-art ventilation system from Carey’s Range Ventilation.  This system was specifically designed for our building and allows us to regulate each floor separately.  The combined 300HP system exchanges the air in each floor at a rate of once per minute where it passes through multiple HEPA filters and leaves cleaner than it came in.  If for some reason the air flow or quality is not what it needs to be the system immediately notifies us and all range use is stopped.  We maintain this system daily and a shutdown has never happened, but it is built with safety in mind first and foremost.





The TI Live fire system is a new product by TI Outdoors that we have installed in 4 downstairs lanes.  This system allows you to use your live fire pistol on a video scenario of your choice.  We currently have 27 titles and continue to expand our catalog regularly.  Bluetooth headsets give live audio feedback of what you hit and the system records and scores your time and hit placement.  Want to shoot a street scene, carnival, cans, or judgmental scenario just to name a few?  This system brings a whole new aspect of training and entertainment to The Cabin.


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Great range!!!  Staff is super friendly.  Lots of training classes are offered every month and just about every day. I loved The Cabin Armory so much that I joined as a member!

Luis F. – Google review